Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club

GotSoccer Registration

Registering on

Watch this YouTube for a video tutorial on how to register on

**If you are attempting to register from a mobile device, follow these steps first:

  • On the first page, click on the bottom link that says “view all options” under the full website menu option.
  • On the next page, click on the first link that says “Full Homepage.”
  • You will then pick up from the original set of directions. Click on user login at the top right of the page. Scroll down to Players/Families and select Log In.**


Create your player account. You do not need to enter a player id or jersey #. Enter all of the information, and create your user name and password.


Returning Players start here after you have entered your username and password. If you have forgotten any of your information, please do not create a new account, contact Ryan Burke and I will get you the information.**

Welcome Back Page
On this page, we need all new players to upload a photo for their player card. This picture needs to be a head shot ONLY. This is a picture that the referee will look at to confirm it is you playing in the game. Please, no action shots. For players who have an old photo, you can update your picture from here also. We cannot print you a player card without a photo, so please be sure this gets done.

  • Above the Welcome Back sign, you will see a line that has Home/Events/Clubs/College/Search/Fundraising/Log Out
  • Select Clubs
  • Search Club Data Base. You will only need to enter the State (NH) and then Search

On the next page scroll down until you see Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club.

  • Click on the link to the right of the logo

On the next page will have a choice of programs. Examples: 2015 MWVSC Spring Practice Players Only / 2015 Spring Travel Team U10 Boys & Girls or / 2015 Capitol Cup Team All U12-U18 Boys & Girls.

  • Click on the Orange box that is the correct program for your Age.

On the following page to the RIGHT of the Player’s Name, you will see a box that says “Select Your Team”

  • Click on that box and pick the correct age/gender for the player. Please pay close attention here as to what team you select. Multiple age divisions will be available. Enter all of your information.
  • Click the box at the bottom of the page in the middle confirming that you are over the age of 13 and/or a legal parent or guardian.

On the following page enter the Emergency Contact Information.

Free Page

  • Select Continue at the bottom of the screen. You can pay by credit card, or echeck from here. If you are paying by paper check, you can select that and mail it to us. For those of you who have registered with us before, you may notice that the payment screen is a little different. We have a new credit card processor, Transfirst.
  • Finish and submit the application.

Note: Please insert the credit card information. This must be done prior to tryouts. If the player is selected for the team, the club will then charge your card. If the player is not selected, your credit card will not be charged and the information will be deleted. If you chose to pay by check, please make it out to MWVSC and mail to: MWVSC, PO BOX 194, North Conway, NH 03860

If you have any questions, or have an issue with the registration, I will be happy to talk you through it over the phone. I can be reached at 603-986-2957.

Ryan Burke 603-986-8731
MWVSC Registrar